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10 Essential Supplies for DIY Movers

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Sure you’ll need boxes, but add in these other must-haves and you’ll be moving like a pro.

Water and sports drinks

Don’t forget you’ll be working up a sweat and need to keep yourself hydrated.

Safety braces

A DIY move is a strain on your whole body. Be sure to wear any knee/back/wrist braces necessary to keep yourself safe.

Good shoes

This may seem simple, but always wear closed-toe, supportive shoes on moving day.


Have a few plastic, industrial-style doorstops handy to wedge open doors and keep them well out of the way.

Keep kids and pets occupied

Having a plan to keep kids and pets occupied and out of the way on moving day will make things a lot safer for everyone.

Moving can be a stressful time, especially if you’re taking the DIY route. Aside from the day-of essentials — coffee and donuts for you and your crew — you’ll want to gather these 10 must-have supplies ahead of time to make packing (and unpacking!) as smooth as possible. Most of these items can be ordered online or picked up at a local storage company, rental company or hardware store.

1. Boxes: Heavy-duty, wardrobe & specialty

When you’re doing all the heavy lifting yourself, it can be tempting to scrimp on boxes and ask for used ones from local stores. This is a time-consuming process, and you’re likely to get odd-shaped boxes or produce boxes without lids. While some hand-me-down boxes are fine, you’ll also want to invest in new heavy-duty boxes built for moving. Don’t forget to pick up specialty boxes for mirrors and artwork, and wardrobe boxes with hanging racks to make putting your closet back in order a snap.

2. Packing tape

Next, you’ll need packing tape, and lots of it. Packing tape can be expensive, but price indicates quality. Cheap tape is often flimsy and sticks to itself, requiring you to use more of it. Heavy-duty tape is a one-strip operation on the bottom and top of the box. Buy in bulk to get the best deal and avoid last-minute tape runs for expensive single rolls.

3. Moving blankets

These can be standard blue moving blankets or just ones that are on their way out anyway and that you won’t mind getting a few grease strains or tears. These are mostly to protect furniture from jostling and so you can stack boxes or more furniture on top. If you’re packing a car or pickup truck, blankets are also useful for lining the trunk or bed so you don’t leave stains or scratches. Moving blankets also can be taped around bannisters to avoid damaging them on moving day. The more blankets you have on hand the better, so ask friends or family if you need more, or hit up a thrift store.

4. Stretch plastic wrap

A roll of mover’s stretch plastic wrap that seals to itself can be a miracle-worker on moving day. Use it to bundle boxes together, keep plastic bins closed, hold rugs rolled, keep cabinet doors in place and so much more. The plastic wrap sticks only to itself and leaves no residue, so it’s a mover’s best friend.

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