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Mustard Seed Moving Company - 27 Photos & 31 Reviews - Movers
13822 Bent Ridge Dr
San Antonio, TX 78249
(210) 865-1555

I found Mustard Seed Moving through a recommendation from a friend. I got in touch with Andrew and he was more than happy to take on my complicated move. His moving team did an AMAZING job wrapping things up so that nothing would get damaged and not a single item they moved was damaged. Not even a ding! Andrew and his team are real moving professionals and really nice people. I enjoyed talking with them during the day. Their hourly price is very reasonable and this is the only moving company I will recommend and re-use for the rest of my life. Thank you Andrew and team.

This was my second move with Andrew and again, it was superb! I had to move out of an apartment that had flooded. Andrew accommodated several changes in dates & times & got me in the new place quickly. He treats his customers like family and uses the utmost care. I highly recommend Mustard Seed Movers.

We spent a bit more on these guys than we have on movers in the past, but they were certainly worth it. They were very professional and worked quickly. The only items that were damaged in the move were a few things that I moved on my own trying to avoid damage. Now I know just let the professionals do their thing.

I had contacted Andrew about a week in advance, to unload a truck. Unfortunately, I had to reschedule twice, and he did everything he could to meet our scheduling needs. He brought one other person, and didn't complain when a couple of family members helped to move and sort boxes. It took just over 2 hours to unload a 22 ft truck, into a 1700sq ft home. I would definitely recommend them to others, and wouldn't hesitate to ask for his help again.

So this was totally a service that was outstanding, but finished off with dropping from 5 to 3. Here is the good : really nice people, showed up on time, did a walkthrough and then got to work. People have mentioned that they work really hard and just work well to try and knock things out and yep, they sure did. They were super efficient and other than taking three 5 minutes breaks for hydration, they packed and loaded up the house. Unloading was slightly slower, but again, at no point did I get the impression that they were trying to waste time. All this of course was facilitated by my super efficient spouse who had labeled everything and laid out a plan of unloading for them. The only chilling out they did was when we bought them lunch. But that was deserved. All 5 stars so far.and now the kicker. We suddenly realized that they had not moved our old fridge and we figured out what happened. Andrew asked me at the old place "Does this fridge stay" to which I replied "No" which implies it goes. But obviously in the rigmarole of moving, the message was lost. The kicker was that they implied it was all our fault and so off they went to get the fridge to rack up the bill with the big "concession" being that they sent the third guy off. And no apology for the possible misinterpretation. In the entire move they only broke one lamp shade, our sideboard was all wonky (to be fair they do make you sign off on a waiver that says too bad your problem) and they scratched up our dining table. Which sounds like a lot, but trust me, it is not. So here is the deal : absolutely use them. They really are quite careful and hard workers, but make sure that you almost record every conversation so just in case there is an issue, there is proof positive of complicity. Everything else everyone says about friendly, efficient and hard working service all stands!! Update : response to owners comment below : nope. at no point did the "did we get everything" conversation happen. But this is the perfect he said-she said situation. Hence the tip to make sure you document everything. Good tips on moving by the owner though.

Andrew is a badass guy, not only a mover and a mechanic and hard working as well, he removed my fridge doors and re-assembly back professionally without any issues.His guys are really knowledgeable and hard working too.they know what they are doing, that would save lots of damages and unexpected circumstances cause by moving.thanks Andrew, will hire you again for my next move.

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