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Nude Food day logo and product rangeBeing new to Australia I have only recently found out about Nude Food Day, a great initiative from Nude Food Movers and Nutrition Australia. Nude Food Day takes place throughout October and is a nationwide initiative developed to encourage kids and parents to eat well, live well, and eliminate all unnecessary packaging and wrapping that goes into school. Essentially, kids bring their food – NUDE! I love this not only because we are reducing waste and helping the planet but also because it encourages a healthier life style.

Nude food movers yoghurt tub with removable gel freezer section. Raspberry mint yoghurtNude Food Movers offer a really great range of reusable plasticware including lunch boxes, sandwich and snack boxes, yoghurt movers and stackable snack tubes. They have something for every type of meal and make packing nude lunches very easy.

My favourite container has to be the yoghurt mover. Yoghurts targeted to kids are often full of sugar and I have always liked making my own. I like to buy a big tub of natural greek yogurt and add a range of different fruits. Its healthier, cheaper and better for the environment. I love the removable gel insert, which can be frozen to keep the yoghurt cool all day.

Nude food movers stacjing cups veggies fruit and diilOne of the products that I have used the most is the snack tubes. You can mix and match them and they are perfect for on the go. Mine permanently live at the bottom of my buggy and I fill them with a range of veggies, fruits, dips, crackers, dried fruit and nuts (for myself as well as the boys!)

Finn has just started pre school in Australia this week. He only ever did a half day in Scotland so it has been the first time I’ve been sending Finn off with a lunch box. I made sure to pack a nude lunch all week but to be honest it will be something that I will be doing all year round. Nude Food Movers make it so easy, the sandwich boxes are brilliant and the rubbish free lunch box is great for packing a sandwich/wrap and a range of little snacks of fruit and vegetables. Below I used two snack boxes and popped them into the meal box that has a dip pot and fork attached. There is so many ways to use the range.

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