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Much like so many other posts, I so very much regret not taking others' reviews to heart. I fell in love with the quote, fell for the lines given by Brain Bevan, and made the most horrible, money costing mistake I have EVER made. Our experience with Oasis has left me sick to my stomach with most of our belongings broken to the point of now being trash.
We needed a moving company for our move from CA to FL. After several quotes and conversations with a variety of companies, we chose to go with Oasis. In order to make this to the point (as this IS a long story), I am numbering the events.
1. Upon booking my husband stated that our belongings could be picked up ANY time in the month of June, but we needed it all delivered sometime during the week of June 29th. Brian Bevan told us that "there are several trucks going to Texas and Florida these days, so it should only take 7-10 business days, no problem. In order to have things to you by the end of the month, let's set up for the 19th or 21st." My husband agreed, and asked for notification of the day as we would have to take off work. The date became the 19th, and we both took a day off work to be home. On the 19th we were notified that the date would be the 21st (had to cancel Father's Day plans with the family we were saying goodbye to in CA, but fine...we can roll with the punches). On the 21st, we were then notified the date would be the 22nd!!! A day taken off work, big family plans cancelled, but what could we do?
2. On the 22nd our belongings were picked up. We were then told that they would have to add $500 to the cost due to needing more space! Now...when we have Brian Bevan our inventory list, we estimated well over what we had (stated our 70+ boxes were large when they were medium). My husband also called Brian several times to question his listing of my son's trundle bed as a "twin bed". My husband was told as long as it is listed as a bed, it's fine. Well, guess what...the movers were surprised by the trundle! I do have to say, aside from being the bearers of additional costs, the two lovers were nice. This was the last respect we ever received from this company.
3. Our belongings left for Vegas, and sat there for 3 1/2 weeks! We called several times, and three times we were told "next week it's due to leave", but nope! That next week would come, we would have to call several times to finally get someone (Jason, the manager of "customer service"(HA!!!)) is the absolute worst at getting back to you. There was actually one time I called him, asked where our things were, he transferred me to dispatch where the phone just rang nonstop (this was also quite common), so I called Jason back. No answer!
4. Our belongings finally arrive, and EVERY single piece of furniture is broken (kitchen chairs' legs split and in pieces, son's dresser broken and scratched to heck, plant stand missing the bottom shelf and broken, antique pedestal table broken, armoire shelf broken). Our big screen TV (packed carefully in a TV box labeled with arrows of how to handle it) was shattered, boxes were completely smashed in and/or broken (China broken, wine glasses broken, pictures broken, cake pans broken, platters and vases broken, dinner plates broken, mugs broken. My husband's mountain bike's wheel had been taken off (???) and was missing, along with his brakes being broken. Our son's tricycle broken. Golf clubs had been tampered with, roasting pan broken.the list goes on and on. Our clothes made it alright, although I have been spending all my time doing laundry as almost every box had major holes in them, and I have no idea what our clothes came in contact with during this whole ordeal.
SOoo...we paid a lot of money (extra money due to their horrible estimate) to have our clothes shipped to FL.
Their customer service is horrible. Their dependability is nonexistent, and their care for YOUR belongs is a load of you know what. Whatever you do...go with a company whose estimate may be higher. You'll be paying it to Oasis anyway after their extra charges and having to replace everything they carelessly broke. We will be filing a claim. I will update with how that goes, but after over a month of their sheer unprofessionalism, my hopes remain quite low. DON'T DO IT! Save your sanity and your personal items! Look elsewhere!

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