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Home of the original movers and shakers. The Medici Palace
Aurora, CO 80013

Our movers, Jason and Cam were fabulous! They always kept in contact with when they would be at our location, did a professional job, and took great care with our belongings. We had them move us 3 times! My boyfriends place to a storage facility, my place to a storage facility and both our stored furniture to our new house! We highly recommend Jason and Cam!

I used these guys for the move today and I'm really glad i did!!! They were more then on time. They tried to get there early and I had them come back later which was no problem at all. They were really well priced and for people that were getting paid by the hour they were moving quick. I HIGHLY recommend them. This may have been the best moving experience I've ever had.

These guys are great - super professional and very efficient. I hired them in a pinch when my other moving company didn't show up. They were willing to accommodate my last minute request, and were so nice about it. They called several times to let me know when they would arrive. They were very professional and super efficient with the move. I would definitely hire them gain.

I scheduled a move for 3 guys and a truck. When they arrived there were 4 guys and a Uhaul truck. I asked why there was 4 guys when I only requested 3. The response was the 4th guy is free. They evaluated the house then began moving. They didn't bring any straps to secure the load and only brought the few blankets that Uhaul supplies when you rent a truck from them. They were literally using my linens to try to protect my furniture. I was told they don't move TV's unless in the original boxes, I said ok just don't touch any of them. And hour later one of my flat screens is sitting in the garage with a HOLE in it. Nobody took any accountability for breaking it. Luckily the boss showed up because at this point they broke a TV and had dropped multiple boxes labeled fragile. They replaced the TV. The movers continue to bring stuff out of the house, while the lead guy is trying to Tetris all our stuff into the truck that is clearly too small. He can't keep up and now all our stuff is sitting outside on the concrete. The packer begins to now unpack our stuff and repack it in the truck (I guess trying to make more room). He clearly wasn't doing a very good job. He asked for some rope, I went to get some out of my truck and when I came back he had found a brand new package of 200 ft heavy gauge rope in my stuff and cut it open and started unbraiding my work rope. This was NOT what I was planning on letting him use. He spends 25 minutes unbraiding instead of loading. Finally once they got most of our stuff on the truck they figure that's good. They don't strap any of the large furniture down that is on the end of the truck even though we said it's going to tip when you start driving. They begin to drive to our new house while we stay back to load some stuff that was left. They left behind almost half of a uhaul truck behind because they came unprepared and didn't pack well. Once we all get to the new house, they open the truck door and sure enough all our large furniture had tipped over on the door, and boxes fell all over the place. They said nothing got scratched. They begin unloading. We tell them do not walk on our carpet with out booties (we provided them) because our carpets were just cleaned the night before. Everyone that came inside wore them with the exception of the "lead" guy. And yes he stained my freshly cleaned white carpets. At this point we just want our stuff out of their truck as soon as possible. 3 of the 4 guys did pretty decent with the unloading until the "lead" guy gets in an argument with another guy, and proceeds to say we can finish this after work. Who fights in front of customers. Finally they finish unloading. The boss shows up with our replacement TV and also says i wasn't suppose to send 4 guys but I'll only charge you 2/5 the hourly rate for him. This is the guy I never even requested. They total up my bill which is outrageous since I was being charged $102/hr for a move that should have taken 4 hours that took 7.5 since they didn't know what they were doing. We refused to pay the outrageous bill in full due to the poor quality of work and just pure unprofessionalism. We came to an agreement, but as far as we are concerned they weren't worth what they got paid. Once they leave and we started to move our furniture into its appropriate homes we noticed they put a huge gash in our solid oak headboard and they scratched and dented 2 of the corners of the dining room table- presumably when the load fell forward from not being tied down. The table is so messed up I have to get rid of it. It's unfortunate that they had to ruin all our solid wood expensive furniture. I would have been happier having to replace a box of dinner plates that they broke. This move overall will cost over $4000 once I replace the kitchen table and China hutch that is covered in scratches and dents from falling into other furniture and the truck. All we did was move 20 miles. Next time I'll do a bit more research. I thought by selecting a company that had good reviews that I was going to get great service, but we got everything but that. I wouldn't recommend these people to my enemies. They made moving even more miserable and hectic than it already is without them. I assume as we continue to unpack and move stuff we will find more scratches and more dents, and it's unfortunate that other customers will have this experience with them as well.

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