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Interstate move from California to Kentucky

I hired Peace of Mind to move two loads of items from California to Kentucky. The prices seemed reasonable, and they were fairly responsible when scheduling the delivery. That's when it all ended.

The first shipment went fairly smoothly. Although the movers rescheduled less than 12 hours before it was due for pick up, the items were picked up and made it to the destination about a week later. (The delivery was also rescheduled - again, with less than 12 hours advanced notice).

The second went terribly.

I regularly called the company (nearly once a day), trying to figure out when the second half of my order would be delivered. I was always told "2-3 days" or "3-4 days"...for over six weeks. Messages were never returned, so if I didn't happen to call when someone was around, tough luck for me. (Also, my coordinator didn't seem overly capable of calling dispatch *or* of transferring me to her manager - she refused several times.) I only managed to get anyone to return a call after I threatened a law suit.

This was the only way in which I got my items delivered at all. I had a business trip, which might or might not coincide with the delivery. (Again, it had been "2-3 days" for the last 6 weeks.) I told them the dates and was told that items would be delivered then - at which point I told them that if they were, it was their problem to figure out how to store and re-deliver. This somehow got my item delivery expedited.

Just to make things worse, some of my items (notably furniture, which is kind of obvious) wasn't delivered. When I asked why a sewing table I own hadn't arrived, I was told that it didn't exist, wasn't on the manifest, and that I was lying. I described it again and asked them to check the truck, just to make sure. AFter describing the item about 10 times, they managed to locate it. I suspect that other items may not have been delivered, too, that I didn't notice. (In retrospect, I should have labeled and counted all the boxes as well as taken pictures.) So I'm not happy...

Just to make things even more interesting, somehow some kind of resin was spilled all over some of the boxes, so some of my furniture is ruined *and* I had to deal with icky, sticky stuff when unpacking.

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