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Piano movers east bay

McCrea’s A A Piano Moving

McCrea s A A Piano Moving - 15 Photos & 46 Reviews - Movers - 715
715 66th Ave
Oakland, CA 94621
(510) 633-2828

Greg and Jeremy did a great job w/my 6'7" Kimball grand today. I don't plan on moving my piano again any time soon, but wouldn't hesitate to call them again.

Well... here is my mixed feelings about this. I called a week ago to move a piano, upright, nothing super fancy moving within stand city only 4 exits on freeway. Supposedly I was quoted $255 for the piano, and I told them I have a dresser that needs to be moved as well. I was told ok no problem, it will be about $45 but it won't be free. Ok understood so I confirmed with my mom. The day of, they were suppose to arrive early in the morning by 9:30, and didn't show up, didn't give me a call. Called them to follow up, was told they are on another job and need to come around 12 or 1, long story short, communication was bad. We waited til 1:30 for them to show up. I wasn't there for the actual move, but mom told me she paid $350 at the end. I asked why when the agreed price was 255 plus maybe 45 for the dresser, still only $300. I would think if you're late 4.5 hours, maybe you can consider moving the 6 draw dresser for free? Def not to charge more than what you said. Mom told me they told her the dresser had to go to the bedroom so they charge $50 for a flat of stairs, even though the piano was going from 1st floor to 1st floor. Next time, be upfront with ur price and commit to a time. Smh

MyCrea AA just moved my 6' 4" 100 year old Steinway A III. There were tight corners, lots of rickety steps, topological problems to solve, and a doting owner (me) watching it all. Greg, Jeremy and a third guy (sorry forgot his name) were professional, friendly and remarkably strong. They handled my piano with respect and appreciation and took great care to move that 800lb giant without a chance of damage to it or the houses involved. The clarity of their communication with each other while working is a thing to behold. This is my third (or maybe fourth) move with them. I wouldn't trust anyone else with the piano. If you have an instrument you love and you want it treated lovingly, these are the guys to hire. They have my highest recommendation.

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