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Bob Haynes Piano Moving Monthly Run - New York to Miami!

This father-son team (Provider name locked. Jr. and Provider name locked. Sr.) did a really excellent job. They both love music and love pianos, and are eager to share their knowledge and expertise. They did an excellent job of moving a baby grand piano (do them a favor and let them disassemble and wrap it - not your moving company) and then stuck around to tune it for me and my family. That's not an easy day's work, but they were pleasant and hard-working throughout. Provider name locked. Sr. came back a week later to clean the piano up - he rubbed out the old finish and shined and cleaned all the strings and surfaces. The color went from chocolate brown to brown with cherry undertones (a big improvement). He even repaired several chips and scratches the piano received from its previous owner, making them disappear and making the piano look brand new. Next week he'll finish up by replacing a few mismatched keys and installing a humidifier.

If you need help with a piano you recently picked up, this team can go the whole distance for you. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

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