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Pinball Mover

Move a large number of pinball games with PINBALL MEDIC's easy to use and store pinball dolly or lift

Removable Lift Control Handle only protrudes five inchesUsing hydraulic lift, the Yellow Jacket pinball dolly stops the arcane practice of using the operator's weight to lift the pinball machine. This makes it possible to lift and move even the heaviest of electromechanical pinball machines weighing in excess of 400 pounds. Hydraulics allow for very smooth and gentle lifting and lowering.

High hydraulic dolly lift height of up to 31 inches (variable dolly lift height - measured from ground level to bottom of pinball) with optional 5 inch or the front Curb Climbing sized wheels allows for effortless and stable loading of a pinball onto a medium sized pickup truck. No more lifting the pinball off the dolly; just roll the Yellow Jacket pinball mover up to the back of the truck and slide it on.

The Yellow Jacket's lift mechanism and center of gravity are located near the base of the dolly. This produces a low center of gravity for a very stable dolly operation - in spite of the dolly's compact footprint.
strap used on yellow jacket pinball dolly In contrast, the gurney style of dolly has its lifting mechanism located at the top of the dolly's platform making it less steady (top heavy) and not self leveling.

Dolly can be used as a pinball repair table. This dolly can provide a height adjustable platform for doing pinball game or playfield repair. Totally lowering the dolly insures the pinball will not slide off of the dolly. A fully lowered pinball with its legs removed can be safely and easily rolled around a repair shop or game room.

The basic Yellow Jacket frame uses the standard industrial pinball dolly width, large wheels and a low center of gravity - insuring tilt free operation.
Total Dolly Load Weight Capacity = 1000 pounds. (using 4 or optional 5 inch wheels). This dolly can easily support the heaviest of four player electromechanical pinball games weighing in excess of 400 pounds.
The standard dolly width insures the dolly will roll between the front legs of a pinball for easy dolly positioning. However, with the Curb Climbing front wheel option, the dolly may have to be rolled under the game between the front and back legs on one side of the pinball cabinet.

Removable Lift and Lower Control Handles - The lifting handle only protrudes from the coin door end of the pinball approximately five inches and does not interfere with the dolly operator's legs. This feature eliminates the "shin bruising" caused by the stepped on lifting bar used on other dollies and increases the Yellow Jacket dolly's ease of use.
ALL control handles can be removed and reapplied during dollied game transportation to avoid any unwanted handle to operator interaction.
In development is a one removable handle dolly. One handle is used to both raise and lower the dolly.

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