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Powrtouch Caravan Mover for sale

Save your back with Powrtouch caravan mover

Powrtouch Classic - Original Caravan Mover

Suitable for moving single axle caravans up to 2500kg, the Powrtouch Heavy Duty caravan mover is designed to take the back-breaking work out of manoeuvring a heavy caravan or trailer, especially in and around tight areas.

Developed by UK company Powrwheel Limited, it mounts permanently to the trailer chassis and is designed to easily move and position the van in any direction (even 360 degrees) on a level surface as well as wet or uneven terrain. Its ability to handle a sloped surface depends on the weight of the caravan or trailer, which means that it could struggle on steeper grades depending on the weight of the van.

The base unit utilizes two 12 volt motors with reduction gearboxes mounted on a lightweight metal frame that clamps to your chassis and, with the cam operated lock, operates the drive wheels onto your caravan/trailer tyres.

The Powrtouch is powered by a standard 12 volt DC battery (a heavy duty, deep cycle battery is recommended). It works via a hand held remote control unit, which communicates by radio signal with a receiver unit mounted inside the caravan, allowing precise movements right onto the tow ball of the vehicle. Braking is achieved by pressing a button.

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