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Premier Movers intentionally under quoted just to secure my business. On March 5, 2012, I contacted this company regarding a quote for moving services. The salesman (Isaac) quickly phoned me back and based on the items that I listed, gave me a quote of just under $1, 000. I told Isaac that I did not want any surprises with the final charge, so he suggested that he come to do a visual inspection to give me a more accurate quote.

At 6:00 pm on March 6, 2012, Isaac came to our house. He went through each room and all closets recording what was to be moved. He revised the quote to $1, 000 and we paid a deposit to secure the booking as this company was more reasonable than competitors in the area. I would like to stress that at no time between the quote on March 6 and the move date on March 30 did the contents of our house change in anyway.

The company arrived on the morning and started packing the truck. About halfway through packing, one of the employees informed me that not everything would fit on the truck and they would have to make two separate trips. I queried how this was possible, and his exact words were that the "salesman underestimated the contents." The first trip was loaded up and delivered to the new house. I was slightly surprised when I was told that the total would now be $1, 435 but accepted it as there were stairs to navigate at the old house. It still made no sense how they could charge me for one hour of travel time for a 22-minute trip. I was under the impression that this was for the entire move and still confirmed with the foreman that they would be going back to collect the second load.

Upon getting back to the old house, the movers started loading the truck again and the foreman suddenly presented me a new contract for additional charges. I was now very confused so I asked to speak to the salesman, Isaac. I tried to contact him for 20 minutes but he was ignoring my calls. Eventually, one of the movers had to phone him directly so I could speak to him. I explained what had happened and he honestly could not have cared less, ending the conversation by saying, "There is nothing I can do. If you don't want to pay the extra, I will get the guys to unload the truck in your driveway and it will be your problem. I'm not holding a gun to your head."

I told them to continue as we needed to be out of the old place by 8:00 pm that night. I stayed behind to hand the keys over to our landlord but upon getting to the new house, they made my wife sign an agreement to pay another $460 for the second trip. She had no idea what was going on and assumed that we had withheld partial payment due to the fact that they did not fully pack the house in the first trip.

The parts of this whole scenario that are completely unacceptable to me are as follows:

1. The initial quote was for $1, 000, but their final charge was $1, 895. That is an 89.5% underestimate which is unheard of!
2. The salesman visually inspected the contents and walked through the entire house. He assured me that there would not be any surprises, but there was a $895 surprise!
3. The truck that was sent was too small for the contents, which, as mentioned above, was visually inspected by the salesman and did not change between the inspection date and the move date. This resulted in two trips, for which they further had the audacity to charge me twice for the "mandatory one hour travel time."

4. I have contacted the salesman several times and he refuses to give me the contact details of the owner or let me setup a meeting with the owner to discuss this.

To sum this whole thing up, this company intentionally under quoted me to get my business and then were more than happy to charge me 89% more than the quote. What they did was not only unethical, but makes me question their morals and what else they may have done.

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