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Pro movers reviews

12 Reviews for Verlys Pro Moving Labor, Ratings and Complaints

Pro Movers Group - Get Quote - Movers - 4219 Wilson Ave, Mira Mesa
Local move within Illinois

Absolutely awful experience. When my movers did not show up at noon as reserved, no one called to inform me that they would be late. Trying to get an answer from the company was a nightmare, they didn't know where the movers were or what was going on. The woman at the headquarters was rude, unapologetic, and screened my phone calls since I kept calling trying to figure out what was going on. When I finally called from my boyfriends phone she picked up and still didn't know what was going on. The movers finally showed up five and a half hours late, explaining that the headquarters was a mess because the owner is currently in jail. And the guy said he didn't call because he just bought an $850 phone, " which he didn't want to break on a job" which apparently is a good reason not to call your customers. Due to the lack of communication and the movers showing up five and a half hours late, I was forced to rent my rental truck an extra day. When I asked the lady at headquarters about reimbursement, she said it was not their fault and threatened not to send the movers unless I paid up on the spot. She said she would talk to the manager and get back with me. She actually lied to me by saying she would talk with the manager, who the mover later told me was in jail every weekend for writing an ATV off his property.

They also broke one of my kitchen table chairs and scratched up the table badly. When it came time to pay I explained to the movers that I had given my credit card number to the owner. The woman from the headquarters called me again and was very threatening. I explained to her that I had given my card to the gentleman who I made the reservation with, but she continued. I ended up giving the two movers cash, making them both sign and witness on a piece of paper that I paid in cash.

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