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Pro Piano Move

Pro Piano Move - 18 Photos & 19 Reviews - Piano Services - Seattle
Seattle, WA 98160
(206) 396-6358

These guys did a great job moving my piano. Very professional. I have high stairs in my house and they figured out a good way to slide my piano in. Nice job and reasonable price. I'll use them again if I need to move my piano.

Pro Piano was communicative, informative, and flexible with planning and executing the move of my piano. Beforehand they reviewed photos that I sent of the beginning and ending locations, we discussed my potential concerns, and they offered two quotes specific to two moving scenarios. On moving day they were cautious and safe navigating many steps and a neighbor's lawn, and they were extremely kind and helpful. I will most certainly contact this company for my next move.

Fantastic, professional, friendly and fair; definitely one of the best piano moving companies in the state. I've had large and very large grand pianos (Studio 7' and Concert Grand 9' pianos) moved many times in various cities (Seattle, Austin, Boston, Albuquerque) and have a knowledge base from which I speak. Helge has been in the business of moving pianos for over 40 years, and it shows. He recently moved a 7' Baldwin grand from my recording studio that I sold, and then last weekend moved my 9' Concert Grand Steinway into a new location. Not a scratch on either. The Steinway move was particularly difficult, up tall stairs and around a tight corner, and they handled it extremely well. These guys are the BEST !

It was easy to schedule and the lady over the phone was very nice. Reason for the missing star: On the day of delivery I called 15 minutes prior to the end of 2 window they gave me and they were behind in schedule. Ok. That's understandable but I think the truck driver should have called me instead of me following up. They were 20 minutes late. Then the truck stopped and the guy signed me to wait and he was on the phone. Then he said "Here is the deal. We delivered your piano to a school. I need to go back and bring it. That's the best I can do." I was quite angry with the whole attitude of "Tough luck." (Maybe if it started with "We are very sorry we had a mix up... Unfortunately..."etc things would have been a little different) When I asked him how long it will take he told me how far the school is (as if waiting for me to do the math!) I asked him to call me before he heads back. I called the main line to talk about this and they were very understand and were very nice (Angela is her name). At the end of the day they made it right which I appreciate. She actually sounded like she understands how inconvenient it would be to take time of from work and then go to meet the delivery guy at the house to be told that your piano is somewhere else. I was able to take more time of and go back to the house but if I couldn't it would have been terrible. Will I use them again? Although I was fuming initially, probably yes I would use them again. This must have been some freak accident. Can't imagine it happening very often and I don't see other comments about wrong piano delivery. And they did try to make it right. So yes, I would probably use them again.

Whilst the piano movers themselves were professional, courteous and safely moved our piano, the company's communication with us was dreadful. They gave the driver the wrong contact phone number and starting address, which meant that they kept on calling my husband (at work) and went to the wrong place completely. This was despite the fact that i had both emailed and called them again that morning with the correct information to prevent this from happening. Final straw was when the piano arrived at our house and the movers discovered that they had 2 flights of stairs to negotiate and charged us more! Whilst I don't mind paying, I was frustrated because the communication had been so poor that I hadn't been asked this question. Over all, I'm glad i won't be needing their services again for quite some time I hope!!

These fellows were wonderful. pleasant, on time, helpful. We moved here from Michigan and needed our upright piano moved to our son's home about 7 miles away. They got it safely in place, expertly navigating corners, stairs, and doors, put together the piano bench en route to our destination, and played a bit of jazz for us to celebrate when they were done. Great introduction to Seattle!

Long story short... My piano was damaged and the seat cushion torn during the move. The piano damage was due to over tightening of straps. The cushion who knows. The piano damage was caused by a third party mover and so was the bench. It did take a long amount of time to get both matters handled however the bench, is nearly fixed. It's been 4+ months. Pro Piano Move at first wasn't very good at communicating with me about what was going on so I felt left in the dark for much of this process. I did explain to them how simple phones calls just letting me know where things are standing a few times a week would have made my overall experience better. Since that conversation things have been much better. I do suggest Pro Piano Move to reevaluate your business partners and please do a before and after condition report before moving pianos and benches.

Great, careful, service. Just had three professional men move my 6'3" grand down 5 flights of outside stairs. They also had to move the piano across a bamboo floor and down a set of bamboo steps and a slate section. The movers were meticulous and did a great job using lots of padding and careful leveraging. Definitely would recommend!

I'm really surprised at the negative reviews for Pro Piano Move. They delivered a piano to me and were very prompt and courteous. Delivery fee was competitive. Sean and Ben put the piano exactly where I wanted it.they suggested a better location and I decided to use their suggestion. They even moved some furniture in my living room without complaining or charging extra! Highly recommend!

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