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Should I Tip My Movers? Tips on Tipping

Should I Tip Movers?

Should I tip my movers?

How should you decide how to reward your movers for a day's hard work? Tipping is commonplace in American service industries and the moving industry is no exception. But when should you tip your movers? How much should you tip your movers? Must you always tip? Oz is here to help with our tips... on tipping.

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Do I have to tip my movers?

Tipping is not mandatory, and you may tip as you like, the same way tipping is optional at restaurants and bars. Tips should reflect your satisfaction with the job and appreciation for the efforts of your crew. As in any service industry, the gratuities movers receive are a significant portion of their compensation for a very physically demanding profession. Movers expect to make money on tips, however, the tip will not influence the level of service you receive.

How much should you tip movers?

As is the case with most services, the moving industry standard tip is about 15-20% of the total move divided among your moving crew (rather than a certain amount per person) for a local move. Where in that range you decide to tip depends on your circumstances. If you’re asking for the movers to move any difficult items like pianos, hot tubs, or pool tables, you might want to tip more. If you’re asking the movers to disassemble and reassemble any of your furniture, or pack for you, you might want to tip more. If you’re extremely satisfied with the way the movers handled your job, you might want to tip more.

When should I tip the movers?

It doesn’t make sense to tip for a service before the service is performed. You should tip the movers after you’re done moving in. The tip will be a satisfying conclusion for the movers after they worked very hard on a difficult job.

(Note: For long distance moves with Oz, two separate crews will deal with loading and delivery, so tip each crew independently. A good rule of thumb is to tip 15-20% of half your overall price on each end [ie, if your job costs $3000 you should tip each crew 15-20% of $1500].)

Who should I tip?

Oz recommends leaving the responsibility of dividing up the tip to the foreman or woman. They will distribute the money to the rest of the team fairly. There’s no need to stress over how much you should tip each worker. Our employees treat each other like teammates and will act accordingly.

Can I tip movers with food or drinks instead of cash?

Substituting food & drinks for a cash tip isn’t recommended. While pizza & beer is a widely recognized currency by friends and family when it comes to moving services, the pros generally prefer cash. Your movers might be busy after completing a job or uninterested in eating or drinking. You wouldn’t want a sandwich instead of money on your payday. Offering food or drink to your movers is a kind gesture, but they shouldn’t be substitutes for money.

What else should I know about tipping movers?

Tipping movers is a lot like tipping in any other service industry, so treat it that way. If the movers have done a good job, tip appropriately. They should show gratitude to you for tipping, and everyone will leave the job feeling satisfied.

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