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royal hawaiian movers oahu

Royal Hawaiian Movers

Best Hawaiian Island to Live On? | Royal Hawaiian Movers
3017 Ualena St
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 833-1611

I went through the quote process with at least 6 different movers before I settled on Royal Hawaiian movers. The biggest trouble I had with the previous 6 was a combo of too good to be true pricing (which I confirmed through research on Google) and outrageous rates for similar services. After exhausting my options I luckily stumbled upon RHM, who were able to satisfy my time constraints and coordinate everything from pick up to delivery. Pick up from my home in LA was simple and easy. Once it was on the water I kept in contact with Ronyl, who was able to coordinate my pick up 5 weeks after it hit the water. Once the lift vans got here, she scheduled a time, and the movers came! They were a bit later than they estimated, but they made up for it by gifting me with a fresh ripe pineapple as thanks for using them! The movers here were all super freindly, nice, and respectful of my furniture and took their time to move everything in. All in all, I would recommend them based on price and quality of service. Thanks again RHM for helping a brother out.

So we are unpacking our stuff from our move and they have mixed up our bedrooms. None of the screws are in our part boxes. Had to toss my daughters desk chair. They crammed a $300 leather purse into the bottom of a heavy box. Boxes we had previously packed of things we didn't want mixed up from our kids rooms they unpacked and repacked just to mix up our items. I was up front on telling the movers when they came to pack our items I didn't want rooms items mixed up and I wanted boxes labeled with what is in them. Also not to mention boxes so filled with paper that they are 80% paper. I have a few more boxes to go through but hoping I still find a few handbags I haven't seen yet. I have unpacked the last few boxes I had and my SID Harvey's Sink or Swim handbag is gone. I called Royal Hawaiian movers and so far they are denying the movers took it. Also asked me how do I know they stole it? Did I see them take it? I had like 20 people in and out of my house that day. I told the lady they where the only people in my closet and when I packed up all my handbags they unpacked all of them and then repacked them. They where the last people to touch my items and now my favorite handbag which cannot be replaced is gone. It's a collectible item designed by a famous tattoo artist. Not to mention it had a Samantha Thavasa Sailor bear on it that's gone also. Ladies watch your handbags!

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