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Kerb San Mateo Movers - 32 Reviews - Movers - San Mateo, CA
San Mateo, CA 94404
(844) 882-5346

I had a Kerb crew (I forgot the guy's name even though he told me, sorry!) move me from San Mateo to Oakland. It took only 6 hours including double drive time, which was great. They were also the best rate of the 3 places I looked at. One thing to note is that they only have basic insurance (insured by pound, not value of item), but I was only moving mostly ikea furniture so I didn't care and nothing happened. All the guys were super nice and professional. I was amazed how long they went without a break too. Would definitely use them again!

I requested a quote online on 6/25/17 and confirmed the reservation for a move on 7/1/17. I called 6/29/17 to confirm just in case and they said they didn't have the information in the system but that they could book be on the phone right there which was fine. I would have been happy with that. Then the salesperson Luke stated the quote would be $30 more per hour than what was provided to me online. I asked for an explanation and Luke said that's just how it is. He was very rude! I went online again to request another quote to see if the rates had changed but the quote given to me again online via email and via text were $30 less. I called Luke again asked why the prices he was quoting were $30 more per hour (WHICH IS SIGNIFICANT!). Luke was so rude and never addressed my concerns. Horrible customer service. Never use them!

I'm lowering my rating because I called Kerb 3 times to come back and move my furniture back in my house after my remodel. No one answered or had the courtesy to call me back. I gave them a great tip too.

Short short version: Do not hire them for a big move. Info: Move was from San Mateo to Foster City. Pros: 1) They called an hour in advance to let us know they were on the way 2) They worked the entire time and I did not feel like they were stalling 3) They were very nice and appeared to have done this before Cons: 1) They broke a desk on accident (IKEA so I wasn't shocked), but then one of them spent an hour fixing it while I was being charged for his time. 2) The truck they brought was not big enough for all of our stuff so they had to make 2 trips. 3) Even after the second trip, not everything had been moved, so we had to go back. 4) Even though all of the boxes were very clearly labeled, they would stack boxes on top of each other and just leave them in the room that the top box was labeled with. This means that after they left, many many boxes were in the wrong place. Neutral: 1) They tell you that they will give you wardrobe boxes, but they take a lot of time to pack and unpack them. I would recommend packing everything possible and leaving almost nothing to put into these. I would have given 2.5 stars, but since that is not an option I went with 3.

This was one of our better moving experiences. I feel like they were fast, efficient, and professional. Their rate is fair, especially given how efficiently they work, and they still seemed careful with our things. For reference: this was a local Bay Area move (about 25 miles) and was on the smaller side (2 bedrooms), and we scheduled our move for a weekday (which I strongly recommend). Will use them again.

This was, hands down, the worst moving experience I have ever experienced. This company contracts out to movers, which is standard practice, but we were ensured that the movers would have tools with them to disassemble furniture. When the movers first showed up, the were quick and efficient, until, after we had told them to disassemble a desk before moving it several times, that the desk broke in half and the move quickly went sour. We had informed the movers several times, not only before the movers showed up, but to the movers themselves, the importance of having the desk disassembled before moving it. Without any communication to us, they had the desk loaded on the dolly, resting on the legs and it promptly sheared in half, leaving it completely useless and broken. When we called Kerb, the sales person we talked to informed us that he would talk to a supervisor and be right back with us. At this point the actual movers had grown belligerent and were threatening to remove all of our furniture from the truck. We asked if we could please talk to their supervisor, they were able to talk to this individual, why couldn't we? After about 30 minutes the movers began swearing at us in spanish and started to remove all of furniture and goods off the truck. They threw our furniture on the sidewalk, while swearing at us about how little money they made (Hey, if I felt like I didn't make enough money, I'd be happy to let a customer sit around and talk to my supervisor, that's time I get paid for). We remained polite throughout the interaction and before they left, they refused to allow us to check the truck to see if they had removed from everything and literally damaged EVERY piece of furniture that they had touched. We were assured by the sales people at Kerb that they would immediately call us back regarding when another truck could come to move our things. They promised a return call within 30 minutes and hours passed before we heard from them again. In that amount of time we could competent movers who finished our move, quickly and professionally. We did not hear back from Kerb about having another crew come and finish our move until after the other movers had completed our move for us. I would not recommend this company to anyone. We had to replace a huge amount of office furniture and did not deserve or need to tolerate the disrespect of these movers.

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